New Adventure

Got some new pathfinder adventures online that I have written and used for my players over the last months. The latest is called the “Oracle of Flame” and is written for a group of 4 to 6 players of level 3 to 5.

Oracle of Flame (L3-T5)
Rumors are spreading that an Oracle of Flame is claiming to be a new demigod. He is wandering from village to village amassing a small army of followers, but also burning the places he visits to the ground including anyone who opposes him. A group of brave adventures is assembled to investigate his claims of divinity and, if necessary, put an end to his reign of destruction. The players find themselves on the Black Isle in the city of Ardee, from where they set out to the Village of Ashfall, which the Oracle of Flame has chosen as its next victim.

The other adventures I have written can also be found on the Adventures page.

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