Fey Madness

Just played this story for my players, even my players are able to suprise you from time to time.
Expection: to kill and maim their way through the adventure.
Result: the players talked to my NPC’s, and they where stuned by the results.

Hope you like it as much as I did.

Court of the Dryad Queen (L3-T8)
A large falling star has lit up the sky a few days ago, and the party is send to the Court of the Dryad Queen within the Feylande forest where the star supposedly has fallen. It’s a call for help form the court and Queen Tirande herself, regarding the fallen star. As the heroes arrive in Winterhaven by boat a couple of weeks later, the air within Winterhaven is grim. The people you see on the streets are bundled up in heavy furred cloaks and seem to go about their business as usual, but you notice several of them following you wearily with their eyes, before seeming to decide that heroes are harmless. A sense of deep unease and fear seems to have taken hold of this village as they see many men up on the walls of the town and patrolling the streets – far more than a town of this size should need.


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Suggestions and critique wanted

Hi all,

I have been writing and running a personal campaign setting for several years for a group of friends, and recently I have been putting the recent missions/quests online for other people to use.

So far my players are enjoying them, but I like to become better at it, write more engaging and cunning adventures for them and possibly the readers of my site. So I was hoping you guys might be willing to give me some advice on the quests I have so far. 🙂

The PDFs are downloadable here: https://imarand.nl/adventures/
Also opend up a thread on the paizo forums http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2s04x?Suggestion-and-Critique-wanted#1

Looking forward to hear what you think.

Adventure Time

Another new adventure, took a while to complete this one and make this one a bit better before I could put it on the site. The adventure can easily be run as an 2 part adventure as I did for my group. Made for a group of 4 to 6 players of level 3 and 4

Hope you like it

Crypt of Dreams (L3-T6)
Border Town has always had a strange reputation: for years people in the area have been plagued by strange dreams and nightmares. The villagers of the town have grown used to this, but recently it has taken a turn for the worst: since a few weeks villagers have started to disappear.
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