Guild Advancement

Got the question from my players “Can we advance in a guild we are part of?”, well with these boons using Fame Point the player can advance in any guild gaining boons and even becoming guildleader. This could be a blacksmiths guild, trader’s guild, thieves’ guild of even and organization like the Seekers of Old.

This will be the first set-up for and guild advancement system within the game.

Initiate (1 FP): You are a full-fledged member of the guild, whenever you are within a city that houses a guild hall of guildhouse you get free lodging, stabling and food.

Member (2 FP): Obtains membership in a regional guild, providing a player character with a 10% discount on a certain kind of goods associated with your guild. At the GM’s discretion.
Requirement: Initiate Boon
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The Sin of the Wild Mage

A bit overdue, but you guys ahd this one coming, a new adventure named: Sin of the Wild Mage.
A beloved character that I once played and played with make a reappeanace is this one.


The backstory:
For almost 50 year the Luckgamblers where the resident thieves guild in Mag-Mell. No mage could hide their valuable well enough or the Luckgamblers would steal, rob of swindle their valuables away, right under the watching eyes. But for a thieves guild, they were laid back, didn’t steal form these who couldn’t miss it, never killed a man who didn’t deserve it, they were legendary in the eys of the people.

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