Hi, I’m Martijn Donker and creator of this website, its gamemaster and the creator of the Imarand, the twin worlds campaign setting. I have been running this setting for almost 15 years now, and hope to bring all that information that have gathered in this time into one campaign that can rival with Pathfinders Golarion and D&D’s Forgotten Realms.

But here is the twist, I’ll put all these adventures, source materials on-line for free to use, without any commercial intent and would like that you refer back to me the original writer of the pages. Hope you and friends enjoy these materials that I have posted here.

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The Campaign Setting

This setting describes the wondrous world of Imarand. Since its very beginning, this world has known conflict at the hands of both gods and primordials, as each faction wanted to create a world in their own image. After much strife, a pact was made to allow the gods and the primordials to separately create their own “world within a world”. And so, the worlds of Ianna and Terria were born: twin worlds, one created by the primordials, the other by the gods, separated by a small shell of ether, called the Veil.

Now, after many ages, the Veil has shattered and travel between the worlds has become possible. Old conflicts ended and strife was momentarily forgotten when the Veil shattered, but already new confrontations are stirring from beyond the ether. On Terria mighty city states stand as the beacons of hope against the fierce assault of nature, protected by the guidance of their gods, while the kingdoms of Ianna flourish and wither by the rule of their kings and queens and the will of the primordials.

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Martijn Donker

Martijn Donker

Maite Donker-Eikelenboom

Additional Editing
Alain ten Berge, Matthijs van den Bergh

Play Testing
Lisa Boer, Alain ten Berge, Matthijs van den Bergh, Maite Donker-Eikelenboom, Martijn Donker, Paul Reuvers, Chris van Triest

Graphic Design
Martijn Donker

Martijn Donker

Kim van Deun, Martijn Donker,

Special Thanks to
Pauline, Raymondo, Gerben, Steven, Linda, Hans, Hilde

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