Hi Guys, there haven’t been much activity on the site lately, because I’m busy creating a campaign guide from the very same site. It will be the 1st edition of the Imarand, the Twin Worlds Campaign Setting. I haven’t don this before so all is pretty new to me, and while I can manage myself well with the English language, it isn’t my native language an thus making the creation process a tad slow.

As a added bonus, I have the table of content available as a preview on what I’m writing.

Imarand Campaign Setting Preview
Imarand Campaign Setting Cosmos Preview

Also the links: The Angry DM (@TheAngryDm) made a good article the fun of playing games, and RPGs in general.

Mike Meals (@mikemearls) pointed out a nice preview of a D&D documentation, in honor of the 40th birthday of D&D last week.

Sly Flourish (@SlyFlourish) came up with a lazy trap generator.

And a good article how D&D can affect your life:

What is D&D?

Found this great YouTube clip about the D&D, tabletop RPGs and their influence. Also a good explanation for those who are unfamiliar with the game.

Like how point out how it’s all about the story telling in the game, the GM/DM 1) who will tell a great interactive story, where you as a player can determine the outcome of that story. And by doing so, you’re telling your own story of your character.

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