And you are?

So….., time to break the silent and give you guys a update on what is happening.
Fleshed out some noteworthy people on the face of the worlds and organizations that the players can talk to and interact with.

And did some good work on functionally on the website, build event and bounty board for use with the campaign. Imported YouTube videos and blog to my DokuWiki as you probably have noticed.

Also created 2 new house rule I’m happy to have, Horror and Taints, both work together to give the player a sense of danger and morality with the campaign. And while I with my party group are still play testing it gives some nice role-playing opportunities for the players.

Still I’m got the feeling I’m missing something within my world, an story or lore element that makes the campaign more unique, vibrant and alive. Got and idea, drop me a line, or two, you know where to find me.

Largest Content Update Evar!

The new content for Terria is now live on the wiki, for the War of the City-States I have created an new storyteller for the events that transpire during the war. Old Pantasma has reclaimed its seat as a city-state, and rivals Mag-Mell in magical power.

Besides that the Wild Mage class got is well deserved share of attention and now hold all the information you need to play the class. Also new feats have been added that are specialized in Wild Magic.

I so love the chaos and mayhem the Wild Mage class can create, just to help that chaos I have created a Wild Surge Generator with almost 300 different kind of results when a Wild Surge happens.
These wild surge also make excellent Curses if you are in need of one.

But there is more! There are 2 new prestige classes, the Curse Collector and the Wind Blade.

  • The wind blade is an agile but defense fighter, who uses the air the defect blows and projectiles. Slashes of air give the wind blade the ability to hit enemies from a small distance.
  • The curse collector works on both side of good and evil. As martyr of curses or as a harbinger of misfortune.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoy it. Tijn out!

Minor Update

Well there weren’t much updates the last couple of months. Lots of sections on the wiki got minor update to correct syntax and spelling errors. Also Got some new players, see the players page to view their character sheets.

Currently I’m working on some new content in the world of Terria:

  • War of the city states
  • The lost city state of Old Pantasma

Got some artwork going but it’s a long and frustrating progress, same goes for the upload of the adventures. Well that is for this update, I’ll keep you guys posted.

Gods and Elements

Well and sudden influx on new players and characters has let to a serious overhaul of the Religion section. All gods have been created, named, labeled and given a place within the cosmos, even found the time to create the holy symbol of each of the gods.

Like I promised the Player section has been updated with the current players and their character sheets. The current art work comes mainly from the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons website. Until I find a way to make my own artwork, this will have to do.

Well the NPC are still on the list and will be updates around the next update

Monsters & Stuff

Some strange goblins have appeared in Imarand, The goblins of the Black Cauldron . In addition some other monsters have also appeared within the bestiary.

  • Swift
  • Wolfboarfox

Think they will make excellent ranger companions.
Also checkout the downloads, all the player races, spells, feats, etc. have been updated in de latest PCGen 6.x update.

Well that it’s for this update.
Next up more NPCs, Heroes and maybe some player info, and hopefully some art work to brighten up the site. If I remember how to draw.

A new race is born

A new race has sprang into existence by the deeds of the heroes in my Pathfinder D&D game Imarand, the are called the Siliban and are a race of half-undead human, elves and dwarfs.
More details will follow as the players continue on their quest.

Been a while since I have updates my website, had some time to update the website and look it got a nifty new look, finally fixed the Twitter and Facebook plugins to update the page you are on and not just the website.

Next up are some nasty little goblins with an over sized cooking pot.

The set of rules

Well, for this site I’m abandoning the Dungeons and Dragons 4th editions rule set. It has been fun, the action packed but it doesn’t cut it with the versatility that the 3th edition has. The game became to plain with too much focus on the combat and less on all the other aspects that made the game fun for me and the reasons I fell in love with the Dungeons and Dragons.

Also the new and ‘improved’ character builder from Wizard of the Coast weren’t really made for home made campaigns where you have you own rules, feats, skill, etc. I will convert all 4th edition material on this site by too the 3.5th edition rule set with should then be usable with the 3rd, 3.5th and Pathfinder rule sets.

For myself I’m now running my game on the Pathfinder rule set and love the flexibility, the spells and the classes and so does my players. With one session we had more fun we had in most of the sessions we had in 4th edition.

No more Astral Seals.

Welcome to Custom Worlds

Custom Worlds is a collection of Dungeon & Dragons/Pathfinder campaign settings and stories written and created by me, and friends. In a sense is a small stage to put our work on display to world and providing an aid to those who play in my campaigns.

And with this I’m redesigning my old website who was dedicated to the Imarand campaign setting.