The Sin of the Wild Mage

A bit overdue, but you guys ahd this one coming, a new adventure named: Sin of the Wild Mage.
A beloved character that I once played and played with make a reappeanace is this one.


The backstory:
For almost 50 year the Luckgamblers where the resident thieves guild in Mag-Mell. No mage could hide their valuable well enough or the Luckgamblers would steal, rob of swindle their valuables away, right under the watching eyes. But for a thieves guild, they were laid back, didn’t steal form these who couldn’t miss it, never killed a man who didn’t deserve it, they were legendary in the eys of the people.

This changed when some 10 year back the Arch mage of Wild Mage, was cast out of the school of Socery for the misconducts of one of her students. By that time it is a public secret that Agrendaclya “Agren” Urdo Luckgambers and the wildmage Cindel Lydell are allies.

After the exile of Cindell the Luckgamblers began to lose members, somewhere captured of left Mag-Mell but somewhere brutally killed and public displayed the citizens of the city to find the next morning. A new ruthless thieves guild, the Savage Cabal, has risen up from the underbelly of the city to challenge the Luckgamblers. Some say that the decline of the Luckgamblers is due to the old age of the guilds leader, some even state that Argen who lived for more than a hundred years is dying, and as result the guild as well.

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