The story continues, a new adventure

A while ago I have created this adventure as a part two the the Court of the Dryad Queen adventure and takes the player back the the court to further investigate the fallen star deep within the dungeons of the old fort.

I borrow the idea for the adventure from the movie Evolution (2001) and created the Starstone Monsters to emulate a bit of the monster in the movie, giving is its own strengths and weaknesses.


The court of the Dryad Queen is an old fort within the Feylande forest where a noble dryad holds her court. This Queen Tirande is often called upon to mediate in disputes between the inhabitants of Winterhaven and the fey of Feylande and has become quite known throughout the region. Then, one day, a meteorite fell into the court of the Dryad Queen. The Fallen star has struck the tree of Queen Tirande and its poison is starting to seep into her essence.

Unable to remove the shard on her own, she sent for help. With the aid of the adventures the taint was lifted, but the shard remains in the lower dungeon. The Dunrnmorn Adventuring guild send out a scholar and a group adventurers to retrieve the fallen star. Only to discover the stone was alive and is creating an own alien ecosystem, deep in the dungeons.

Rapidly spreading out, killing its native inhabitants and replacing with their own world.


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