The Waking Titan

Been busy with new content, hoping to write a new adventure for my campaign setting. This adventure will start in the City-State of Umar.
And for that cause I have created a highly detailed map fo this city.

For this I have created this premise the to bring the party together and the general plot line.

The Waking Titan

Tremors an earthquake are send throughout the world of Terria. The heroes start out investigating the mysterious cracks in the city of Umar where strange elemental creatures creep form harassing to populace. Eventually trying to prevent the city from sliding in to the sea.
Doing so, the pc’s will learn some sinister cult is trying to wake Thorrian, and these quakes are just the beginning.

An yearly lottery, sanctioned by the merchant guilds, is causing a stir within the city, not only is the announcement of this lottery a public event, but the grand price is year I bigger than ever before, due to a good trade year. For this year the grand prize of the lottery is 1,000 gold pieces.
And the various ways to obtain one of these magical tickets means that anybody can get their hand on one, either through hard work, wealth, intrigue or down right thievery.



Martijn Donker

Husband, Gamer, Game Master and Story teller. Dabbler in boardgames and some small writing mainly for my campaign setting and this very site.