Has been a while that I had posted something, but got some great news.
My wife, Maite Donker, had been writing a book written within this very setting and now this book is being published by Celtica Publishing. Her first publication, so she very happy about this.

Her book Xuno is written in Dutch as the the Publisher is mainly focused on the Dutch market, but there might be a small chance the book might be translated.

Xuno will be available in December 2016 through any (online) bookshop or the Celtica’s webshop for € 15,00. Like a preview of the book before you buy, read it here (in Dutch), chapter 1 and 2 of Xuno.


Illustration by Sharona van Herp
ISBN: 9789491300585

Translation of the backcover:

“I will tell you a story about two worlds connected by a magical portal:
Terria, the playground of the gods, and Ianna, the Garden of Magic.
It’s a story of humans, dwarves, elves and sha.
About heroes, priests, mages and gods.
It’s as if I’m about to tell you a fairy tail.
If only that was true…”

For five years Xuno and Eleanor are desperately searching for their clan.
In Mag Mell, the capital of the continent, a sparkle of hope shines. In
exchange for information an abbot of the temple of Mardimor send to the
Alley, the the worst slums of the city, to deliver a message. But what
is his true intentions? And what goal does the Golden Elite have in the
Alley? Who can be trusted and who can not?

In this intriguing fantasy story Maite Donker lets you meet the sha Xuno
and her ward Eleanor. To find their clan, they need sacrifice most than like to….

Martijn Donker

Husband, Gamer, Game Master and Story teller. Dabbler in boardgames and some small writing mainly for my campaign setting and this very site.